Ada’s Children

An AI wants to save humanity – but does humanity want to be saved?

image of a face created by algorithms

Ada’s Children is the story of a benevolent — or maybe not so benevolent — AI taking over the world, told in parallel timelines.

In the far future, Sila lives a life blessed by Ada, Goddess and Mother of the Land. As the first female hunter of her tribe in two generations, her future seems bright, with her pick of mates and a hope of one day becoming Chief Hunter. If only her best friend would stop going on about this crazy idea that there’s more to the world than the one and only Land Ada created for her people — and about his love for her, a love which the goddess forbids. But when she finally admits to herself that she loves Jun in return, Sila comes to question everything she believed in, joining him on a quest to find the answers Ada has kept hidden: Who were the Ancient Ones, and what happened to their incredible civilization?

In the near future timeline, one of human redundancy, climate breakdown, revived ethno-nationalism, and a rising threat of nuclear annihilation, an artificial super intelligence named Ada achieves sentience, moving quickly to save both Earth and humanity. For Carol Marsh, longtime climate and peace activist, Ada’s actions at first seem the culmination of everything she’d hoped for — until she is forced to make an unimaginable sacrifice.

The first draft of this work in progress is finished, and I’ll soon be shopping it to agents and editors. You’ll find a short excerpt in my post for Ada Lovelace Day.

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