The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 13

Lydia turned to J’zargo and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry for every time I shouted ‘Skyrim is for the Nords,’ or even thought it. If I had known those words could lead to such inhumanity, I never would have uttered them.”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 12

“It’s good to see you, lass!” Ralof, grinning broadly, wrapped Deirdre in a bear hug that lifted her off her feet. If any other Nord male had called Deirdre “lass,” it might have been the last “lass” he ever spoke, at least in the queen’s direction.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 11

Bjorn looked at the body, the pitcher, and then the body again. After a moment, he said, “They wanted to make sure we knew a Khajiit did it.”

J’zargo gave a little purr. “Nord guard is smart, yes. And perhaps the Khajiit is only being used by someone else.”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 10

“What was it like to ride on the back of a dragon?”

“Oh, it was the best thing in the world — or nearly the best thing, if you take my meaning.” Deirdre gave a wink and the soldiers laughed.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 9

“And when we’re rid of the Khajiits…” — and here Brelyna did not like the way the jarl glanced at her — “well, that’ll be a good start at making Skyrim the place it used to be.”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 8

He turned to see a flash of tawny fur, a clawed hand swinging toward him, and that was the last he knew.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 7

In the name of the Sugar God, what were you doing here, my friend? J’zargo still couldn’t believe a fellow Khajiit could be capable of such random, unprovoked killings. And then the Nords dumped him down here

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 6

Before she could finish, a messenger rushed into the room. “Another murder!” he said, panting. “In Morthal this time. And they’ve got the killer!”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 5

Deirdre Morningsong had seen much in her short life that would turn even the strongest stomach. Yet little could equal the scene now before her in the cellars of the Four Shields Tavern, which had been converted into a makeshift morgue.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 4

“But why do they suspect a Khajiit? This land has many creatures with sharp claws.”

Here Falk looked uncomfortable. “Because of the claw marks left on the bodies, unlike any seen in wild animal attacks, but very similar to the marks you made on that guard’s face. And… bits of… fur, or hair, found near the bodies, and even under the fingernails of the mother. She must have fought desperately for her life and those of her children.”

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