These are excerpts from stories I’m working on. I’ll provide information on where they’ve been published when available.

Desert Trilogy cover smallDesert Trilogy: These three weird desert stories will soon appear in e-book form, and “What I Did for Love” has been accepted in a small journal (details on that to come). (Cover photo by Steve Berardi, used by permission.)

Chill Out: Is now the right time for Brad and Amy to have kids? Brad wants to start a family right away, but Amy wants to focus on her writing career. Will a drive in the desert help them settle the argument? Think of it as Jane Austen meets Mary Austin in the Twilight Zone.

Glass: Derek can’t understand why his two hiking companions don’t want him wearing his Google Glass. But alienating his friends isn’t the only danger of his obsession with Augmented Reality.

What I Did for Love: Dave is a journeyman carpenter. Now he needs to drill a hole in his girlfriend’s head. Does he have the nerve to finish the job?

The Highwayman illustration

The Highwayman by Ariandir

My most recent project is Daring and Decorum: A Highwayman Novel, which is complete and which I’m shopping to agents. It’s a mashup of Jane Austen, Ellen Kushner, Alfred Noyes’ poem The Highwayman, and Robin Hood. I’ve already started working on the second book in the series, Silence and Secrecy. You can find out more about this project and find links to the first chapters here, as well as a short excerpt featuring a trip to the theatre here. I’ve also been posting a series of pieces on the background material that went into the novel: the music, the swords and sword fighting styles, and Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Deirdre bookcover copy

Then there’s The Song of Deirdre, my novelization of the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. If you like epic fantasy, dragons, and strong female characters, you might enjoy it. Plus, it’s free! The best place to start is with Chapter 1, or you can view the Table of Contents here. It’s also available for download to e-readers at An Archive of Our Own.

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