The Song of Deirdre – Table of Contents Part II

Chapter 15, The Road to Ivarstead Chapter 16, High Hrothgar Chapter 17, The Vilemyr Inn Chapter 18, Ustengrav Chapter 19, The Nightgate Inn Chapter 20, Windhelm Chapter 21, Ulfric’s War-Chamber Chapter 22, Kynesgrove Chapter 23, Council Chambers Chapter 24, Dustman’s Cairn Chapter 25, Labyrinthian Chapter 26, Morokei’s Lair Chapter 27, The Hall of the Elements […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 15

  The Road to Ivarstead   We set out for High Hrothgar on one of those rare Frostfall days when summer returns for a brief spell before the deep plunge into winter. It was a brisk, bright morning, with the Throat of the World’s summit outlined against the blue sky and the promise of warmth […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 16

  High Hrothgar   The doors to High Hrothgar were locked. We had travelled for three days, climbed the Seven Thousand Steps, struggled through wind and snow and frost trolls, only to find ourselves shut out on the doorstep of the Greybeards’ castle-like retreat. We were exhausted and half-frozen, and our only thoughts were for […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 17

  The Vilemyr Inn   I don’t know how long I sat there pondering my fate, searching for some way out of it. Maybe the prophecy hadn’t yet been fulfilled, or it referred to some other Dragonborn than I. I read the lines over and over, to no avail. It seemed that the first prophecy […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 18

  Ustengrav   The next days of traveling were difficult – and not because of bandits, rogue mages, or wild beasts we met along the way. We ate a silent breakfast that next morning, just the two of us in the silent tavern. We packed our gear onto our horses in silence and departed Ivarstead […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 19

  The Nightgate Inn   “Well,” Lydia asked, “did you get it? Do you have the horn?” I leaned against the arched opening in Ustengrav’s outer wall and shook my head, holding the note out to her. Something about enduring the Greybeards’ shouts, or perhaps the confrontation with my parents’ killers, had sapped my strength. […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 20

  Windhelm   Up close, Windhelm was more imposing than when seen from afar, and its great age was even more apparent. While the city’s walls were built of stout blocks of stone, ice had been working for centuries to accomplish what armies could not. Cycles of freeze and thaw had pried blocks loose, leaving […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 21

  Ulfric’s War-Chamber   “You!” the Stormcloak leader exclaimed, his eyes wide. “I told Ralof we couldn’t trust you after your speech at Helgen, and here you are, dagger in hand! Tell me why I shouldn’t have Hans finish you now.” “Do with me as you will, but I cannot stand by while you talk […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 22

  Kynesgrove   The horn was as plain as could be – just a ram’s horn like many I had come across on my rambles in the mountains. I looked for runes, secret writing, hidden mechanisms, enchantments, but found nothing. It hadn’t even been fashioned for use as a trumpet. “This is the Horn of […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 23

  Council Chambers   “The Blades!” exclaimed Master Arngeir. “Always meddling where they should not; always seeking to turn the Dragonborn aside from the path of wisdom. Tell me, how did you get caught up with them?” We had just arrived at High Hrothgar and found the old master in the refectory. I had never […]

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