The Song of Deirdre – Table of Contents Part IV

Chapter 48 – Peace Council Chapter 49 – The Great Porch Chapter 50 – Skuldafn Chapter 51 – Sovngarde Chapter 52 – Fort Amol Chapter 53 – The White River Bridge Chapter 54 – The Temple of Mara Chapter 55 – The Rift Pass Chapter 56 – The Gates of Riften Chapter 57 – Mistveil […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 48

  Peace Council   “Ha!” Jarl Balgruuf laughed. “You must be as mad as King Olaf!” “You believe One-Eye was mad?” It was a strange statement for the jarl to make, considering his throne sat under the skull of Numinex, the dragon Olaf had defeated and imprisoned in Dragonsreach. The palace’s Great Porch had been […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 49

  The Great Porch   That same afternoon, Lydia and I stood on the Great Porch of Dragonsreach with Balgruuf and Irileth. “Are you sure you know how to trap a dragon?” Balgruuf asked again. I wanted to tell him that I hadn’t been sure of anything I had done since that day at Helgen, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 50

  Skuldafn   Someone was pounding on my door. It seemed as if people had been pounding on it all night long. Arcadia had been the first. “Deirdre, are you all right?” she called through the door. “I saw Lydia, and she looked in an awful way. Come child, open the door and tell me […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 51

  Sovngarde   I felt myself lifted up as I entered the swirling light. I could see nothing but ever-changing colors and flashes of what looked like stars. This went on for some time, whether long or short, I could not tell. Then my feet touched solid ground once more, and the swirling light gradually […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 52

  Fort Amol   A blizzard raged as I stepped out onto High Hrothgar’s front porch. It had been snowing since my return from Sovngarde the day before. It promised to be a rough trip down to Ivarstead, but this didn’t much concern me. I was on my way to Lydia, and that’s all that […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 53

  The White River Bridge   I turned away from my friends without a word. What was there to say? They would only stop me from carrying out the plan that was already forming in my mind. I would call Odahviing, and the red dragon would take me to Whiterun. Together we would rain down […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 54

  The Temple of Mara   “Falmer Ear!” exclaimed Elgrim, the old alchemist. “Falmer Ear?” “Yes, you heard me right, if only I had it in my shop. I don’t suppose you’d like to go exploring into any Dwemer ruins, would you?” “I’ve quite had my fill of the Dwarven constructs, thank you,” I said, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 55

  The Rift Pass   “We’ve had no word of Imperials approaching,” growled Unmid Snow-Shod, housecarl to Jarl Laila Law-Giver. “Why are you running through the streets and raising the alarm?” He was a fierce-looking Nord with a tall sheaf of red hair running over the top of his skull and a spiral tattoo on […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 56

  The Gates of Riften   Moaning. Screaming. Whimpering. Appeals to Kynareth and Mara, Ruptga and Malacath. Smoldering trees and singed leather and bodies burned beyond recognition. The foul stench of voided bowels and warm blood and spilled entrails, mixed with the sweet aroma of cooking meat. For the awful truth is that the smell […]

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