Song of Deirdre Part I

Song of Deirdre – Contents

  Acknowledgments Editor’s Introduction Part I Chapter 1, Helgen Chapter 2, Helgen Keep Chapter 3, Riverwood Chapter 4, Whiterun Chapter 5, The Plains of Whiterun Chapter 6, Swindler’s Den Chapter 7, Winterhold Chapter 8, Saarthal Chapter 9, Beneath Saarthal Chapter 10, Keizaal Chapter 11, Sheep-Shearer Farm Chapter 12, Bleak Falls Barrow Chapter 13, The Western […]


This is a fanfiction, or, as I like to call it, a novelization of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As such, copyright on the world of Tamriel, the events in the Skyrim game, and the game art included here belongs to Bethesda Softworks. The creation of the character of Deirdre Morningsong is my own, as is […]

Song of Deirdre – Editor’s Introduction

The discovery of the collection of scrolls that have come to be known within the Imperial Palace Library as the Deirdre Manuscripts, but which I have chosen to title The Song of Deirdre: A Memoir of Skyrim, has ignited great controversy in scholarly circles. Apparently preserved for decades in several potion bottles adrift on the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 1

Acknowledgments are here. The Editor’s Introduction is here. The Table of Contents is here. (For now the Table of Contents is the best way to navigate between chapters. I’ll go back and install links between chapters someday soon.) You can also read it over at, where you’ll find many fan reviews, and AO3. Helgen “So, what […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 2

  Helgen Keep   Ralof entered the keep and I followed. Inside, we found a hastily deserted guard-room. Chairs had been kicked aside and playing cards lay strewn across a table. In the center of the room lay a dead Stormcloak. She must have run into the room just before us, and then succumbed to […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 3

  Riverwood   “Deirdre, what are you doing out here?” It was Ralof’s sister, Gerdur, and she was shaking my shoulder. Once again I awoke in an unfamiliar place. That was nothing new. This time I knew where I was and how I got here, and that was something. After years of sleeping on the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 4

  Whiterun   I was out of breath when I reached the top of the stairs to Dragonsreach, the great hall that crowned the city of Whiterun. But the climb wasn’t the reason my heart was racing. I would have to speak to the jarl on my own, and I was nervous. I hadn’t been […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 5

  The Plains of Whiterun   The next two weeks were the happiest I’d been since my parents’ deaths. My childhood wish had finally come true. I was spending my time in the fields and forests, picking flowers and catching butterflies, and earning a living to boot. It was a pleasure to be outdoors without […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 6

  Swindler’s Den   Lydia took a step back, her hands up. “Deirdre, it’s only me! What’s the matter?” I still hadn’t put away the dagger. I held it in front of me, aimed at her chest. “You’ve been following me. This is the third time you’ve taken me by surprise today.” “No, really, I […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chapter 7

  Winterhold   “No one drinks a Nord under the table!” Onmund exclaimed as he passed the bottle of Colovian fire brandy down the line. We were standing around a bonfire in the circular courtyard of the College of Winterhold. “But we haven’t got a table,” said J’zargo, the Khajiit. He wrinkled his feline nose […]

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