The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 40

  Riften   I had to laugh as we stood inside Riften’s city gate, surveying the scene of beggars, wastrels, and ne’er-do-wells loitering in dingy alleyways and shadowed alcoves, nearly all of them cloaked and hooded, as were we. “Well, Lydia, what do you think now?” I asked. “Will our cloaks make us look suspicious […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 39

  The Blade and Dragon   Windhelm’s market district was a bustle of activity. Even with my face shadowed by the deep hood of my cloak, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone recognized me. Lydia walked me straight to the Blade and Dragon, then went to deliver the master of […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 38

  The Palace of the Kings   “What is it? Trouble?” the Stormcloak shouted as he charged in, then brought himself up short. “Oh…” Lydia and I sat upright, clasping the cover about us. We must have been quite a sight, our hair tousled, our faces flushed, our breathing rapid from our exertions. For the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 37

  The Nightgate Inn   Editor’s Note: I feel it prudent at this point to restate the content warning contained in the introduction to this work: “As for romance, while the author depicts loving relationships regardless of racial or gender boundaries, it is all done in the utmost taste, appropriate for any reader who has attained […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 36

  Through Smoke and Flame   I laid my aching body down on the cot. The pain of my hurts faded from an all-consuming torment to a mere persistent stinging. How long had it been since I last slept? Yet I couldn’t sleep, my mind was so abuzz with what I’d just heard from the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 35

  The Aldmeri Embassy   And indeed, she was not. “You had Titus Mede and that sniveling Jarl Elisif in your power, and yet they still live,” the ambassador said, glaring across her desk at me as a guard removed my gag. She closed a thin tome she had been reading when we came in, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 34

  The Emperor’s Tower   To be flayed alive – it was the worst of fates. Of all the torments inquisitors had devised, it was said to be the most painful. I couldn’t let it happen. I leapt from my chair and ran over to Elenwen, groaning through my gag and nodding my head emphatically. […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 33

  Two Dungeons   General Tullius was a small man, lean but tautly muscled, with close-cropped gray hair and smooth-shaven cheeks, the style favored in Cyrodiil. He wore an elaborately decorated cuirass of hardened leather with the Imperial dragon symbol worked in gold chasing across the front. He regarded me coolly as we sat facing […]

The Song of Deirdre – Table of Contents Part II

Chapter 15, The Road to Ivarstead Chapter 16, High Hrothgar Chapter 17, The Vilemyr Inn Chapter 18, Ustengrav Chapter 19, The Nightgate Inn Chapter 20, Windhelm Chapter 21, Ulfric’s War-Chamber Chapter 22, Kynesgrove Chapter 23, Council Chambers Chapter 24, Dustman’s Cairn Chapter 25, Labyrinthian Chapter 26, Morokei’s Lair Chapter 27, The Hall of the Elements […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 32

  Solitude   We approached Solitude with the sun disappearing behind the western mountains, its last rays catching a towering column of smoke rising through the trees ahead, turning it blood-red. Lydia looked over at me, as if appraising my fitness for what was to come. “It looks bad, my thane.” She needn’t have worried. […]

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