The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 10

“What was it like to ride on the back of a dragon?”

“Oh, it was the best thing in the world — or nearly the best thing, if you take my meaning.” Deirdre gave a wink and the soldiers laughed.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 9

“And when we’re rid of the Khajiits…” — and here Brelyna did not like the way the jarl glanced at her — “well, that’ll be a good start at making Skyrim the place it used to be.”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 8

He turned to see a flash of tawny fur, a clawed hand swinging toward him, and that was the last he knew.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 7

In the name of the Sugar God, what were you doing here, my friend? J’zargo still couldn’t believe a fellow Khajiit could be capable of such random, unprovoked killings. And then the Nords dumped him down here

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