The Current State of Environmental Journalism

Someone was asleep at the wheel over at Grist Magazine. (They’ve since changed the offending photo on their site.)

Arctic Penguins
The headline and photo from Grist Magazine as it appeared in Feedly.

Sure, mistakes can happen, and the accompanying report may be well written and accurate. But I take this blooper as a metaphor for what happens when you focus more on humans and technology than on the actual wildlife and habitats environmentalism is supposed to save. (That, combined with people not being willing to pay for their news classified ads anymore.)

Meanwhile, excellent journalists like Chris Clarke are struggling for a living.

Oh well, at least a few dailies are hanging in there, like the Albuquerque Journal with John Fleck and the Sacramento Bee with Matt Weiser. Here in Michigan, not so much.

But maybe I’m wrong. Who are your favorite reporters on the environment?

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