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So, we’re at the three-quarters mark of The Song of Deirdre. I’m just making final edits on the last chapters and proofreading them before posting (a new one will go up today). Judging by my site statistics, a couple dozen of you are reading the storyThe only problem is, I’m not sure how many of you are bots! So, please say hello in the comment section below, or on any of the chapters. I’m not looking for elaborate critiques here (though that would be welcome); I’d just like to meet some of my readers.

Lansing River Trail
Lansing River Trail

For the rest of you who are not enthralled with Deirdre’s story, I promise I’ll return to bicycling posts, book reviews, and other miscellany soon. Something about working on this book has given me a block for other writing. I’ll have a review of Hild by Nicola Griffith up soon. (Spoiler: it’s a great book.)

Hoping to hear from some of you,


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I’m not reading yet – I have a project demanding my attention – but I’ve been subscribing to the feed alerts and hope to start soon!

Great to hear, Rachel! Good luck with your project, and I know you have another “project” keeping you busy! Would it help if it were available for e-reader? The site, An Archive of Our Own, lets users download stories to several e-reader formats, so I’ve been thinking of posting it over there.

Hi Larry. I see the Deirdre updates in my RSS feed but i haven’t been reading the story. Just not something i’m personally interested in.

Thanks, Derek. Lots of peaks in Skyrim! I had a bit of mountaineering in it at one point, but had to cut most of that out.

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