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Desert Trilogy Now Available for Pre-order

Desert Trilogy cover smallMy new collection of short stories set in the California desert is now available for pre-order as an ebook, at the special price of 99 cents. When it goes on sale November 15th, the price will be $2.99 (still only a buck a story).

These stories are hard to classify in any one genre (one day I’ll learn to write a straight-up genre piece!). Mostly they’re stories about relationships between people dealing with changing technology and conflicting careers. The first two are a little bit sci-fi, and the third is a little bit horror. Think of them as Jane Austen meets Mary Austin in the Twilight Zone. If you liked Hari Kunzru’s Gods Without Men, you might enjoy these.

Excerpts of all three stories are here.

If you’re wondering about that pre-order discount, it’s all about making the book visible to more readers. Pre-orders of ebooks all land on one day, giving the book a boost in sales charts, allowing it to show up in those “customers also bought” and “you might like” recommendations. You get a discount, I get a bit of a bump in my book sales. So don’t delay [insert car salesman pitch lines here].

Desert Trilogy is available for all of your e-reading devices at these retailers:




Barnes & Noble


A print version will also be available at a price yet to be decided.

(Cover photo by Steve Berardi, used with permission.)

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