Ada’s Children is Out in the Wild

You can find it at many of your favorite outlets

Pic showing two copies of Ada's Children, Lawrence Hogue's novel about an artificial intelligence that wants to save humanity, even if humanity doesn't want to be saved.

After much travail, Ada’s Children is available in print and ebook formats, and also on my Substack.

For print and ebook, just go to and click on the link for your favorite retailer. If your favorite ebook retailer is missing, please let me know. It’s taking longer for the print version to be available to indie bookstores. I have no idea why! Something to do with the printer/distributor, IngramSpark, most likely. It is sort of available through, but I don’t know why they don’t have the book description and cover image. This self-publishing journey sure does involve a lot of learning.

You can also read it in serial form over on my Substack. Chapter 10 is posting today. If you started a $5/month subscription today, it will take about three more months for me to post the whole novel. So that works out to less than the price of the print book, with no tax or shipping. You can also read my background on the novel (those posts are free). All of this is available at Topics I’ve covered so far:

I really should post all of these here, but this website is having so many problems beyond my technical ability that I’m thinking of scrapping it, or maybe moving it to Squarespace. So the best way to keep up with all my doings, for now, is over on Substack.

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