2021 Update

Time for news and updates, since I seem to post here about once a year.

Protest This!

That evening’s news showed most of the battle. Carol was surprised the bots were allowing it to air, but she supposed Ada wanted to show what happened when humans tried to fight back. The segment had a reporter at the scene, standing in front of a couple of burned-out trucks. In the background, emergency personnel fiddled with what looked like a body bag.

Dueling Death Scenes

For me, the strongest points in the MCU are exactly these moments where the action slows down and characters and their relationships get room to breathe.

On the Attractions of Our Hunter-Gatherer Past – And Future

It sure beats staring at grocery shelves bereft of toilet paper and canned goods, wondering how bad the hoarding and the shortages might get.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 20

Danil spun around, lowering the wooden sword he was about to swing at Addvar’s head. Maybe Addvar hadn’t heard the guard’s cry, because he whacked Danil in the back with his own weapon.

“Ow, cut it out!” Danil said. “Didn’t you hear the queen is coming? And look, there’s Lydia. Hurry, or we’ll miss them!”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 19

Deirdre couldn’t risk losing the crowd. Too many of her future plans were riding on the success of the appeal she was about to make.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 18

Brelyna was sure J’zargo was going to say something crass about the pleasure two females could have together, or ask if she’d ever experienced such pleasures. Or worse, suggest the pleasure of two females would be all the greater with J’zargo’s company. She was formulating a biting response to any such remarks when J’zargo went down on one knee and grasped her hand.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 17

“All right, I’ll talk,” the necromancer said through clenched teeth. “You were right. The Thalmor hired me. Murder a few citizens, mostly Nords, put the blame on the Khajiits. Stir up trouble, set the Nords against the minority.” He paused to wince. “Then of course kind-hearted Deirdre Morningsong would have to step in…”

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 16

Lydia could already feel the keen anticipation of battle coming on. It was going to be a tough fight, but she was more than ready for it, it had been so long. Every sense seemed heightened. She relished the creaking sound the leather straps of her armor made as she dismounted, the smell of sharpening oil that rose from her axe as she drew it from its scabbard. The sky was a piercing blue at this elevation, with just a few clouds here and there. She breathed in, and the air was sharp and sweet in her lungs. Every sensation felt exquisitely precious on a day that might be her last. Overhead, a hawk shrieked, and it was like the battle cry of her own soul.

The Khajiit Murders – Chapter 15

Deirdre took a deep breath as the caravans and army wagons passed into the shade of the evergreen forest outside Riverwood, halfway to Helgen. The tangy scent of the pines and the sweet smell of jasmine and bluebells created a heady mix. She took another deep breath and could feel the tensions and cares of the past weeks slipping away.

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