2021 Update

Time for news and updates, since I seem to post here about once a year.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

It’s Ada Lovelace Day, named after the mother of computers, Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. And just for the occasion (not really, it was a complete coincidence), I’ve just finished the first draft of my post-post-apocalyptic novel, Ada’s Children.

Blog Tour Update

The blog tour for Daring and Decorum is going well, and a couple of new dates have been added. Here’s what’s new and upcoming: Tomorrow, 7/28, I’ll be part of Mari Christie’s Facebook release party for her new Civil War novel, Blind Tribute. The event lasts from 5-9 p.m. ET, and features several authors of historical fiction, […]

I’m on Pinterest

It turns out writing a novel is death to blogging – at least for me. I don’t know how people like Chuck Wendig or Kameron Hurley do it (okay, Hurley’s latest post says she’s taking a break from blogging, but whatevs). I even kept up with blogging better when I was working on my massive Skyrim […]

News and Housekeeping

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, in case anyone has noticed. I’ve been busy on a super-secret writing project that may soon see the light of day. Meanwhile, I’ve been so focused on this that I’ve put my other project, the guide to Mid-Mitten Cycling, on hold (there’ll be snow on the ground for […]

In Memory of Jill Byelich

Michigan: Time to Pass the Vulnerable Roadway User Act

UPDATE 4/29/15: According to the Lansing State Journal, Mitzi Nelson today pleaded “no contest” to the misdemeanor charge of reckless driving resulting in the death of bicyclist Jill Byelich in September 2014. Her sentence could include up to one year of jail time.   This one hits close to home – fifteen miles from home, to be exact. From […]

Dear Readers

So, we’re at the three-quarters mark of The Song of Deirdre. I’m just making final edits on the last chapters and proofreading them before posting (a new one will go up today). Judging by my site statistics, a couple dozen of you are reading the story. The only problem is, I’m not sure how many of you are bots! So, […]

In Which I Come Out of the Closet

No, not that closet! The fantasy/gaming/fanfiction closet. You see, I’ve spent the last two years writing a 780-page novel set in the universe of Skyrim, the wildly popular game by Bethesda Softworks. Have I lost my mind? Maybe. Or perhaps this project has helped keep me sane. Since today is the release of the next […]


Welcome to my website! I plan to use it mainly as a place to post both old works that never found a home and excerpts of new works that are looking for one. I’ll also have some book reviews and thoughts on nature and writing. About me: I began as a writer of nonfiction with […]

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