Skyrim and the Possibility of Peace in a Violent World

Warning: this post contains spoilers for both the game of Skyrim and my novelization of that game, The Song of Deirdre. Also, it’s probably a lot of abstract drivel. To avoid that, just go read the novel. It’s free, after all, and several people tell me it’s not drivel. One of the great things about Skyrim is the impressive number of ways you […]

A Little Break

I’m taking a short break from posting chapters in The Song of Deirdre as I wrestle over some condensing and cutting. Meanwhile, check out this hilarious video about women’s specific armor design. As Lydia tells Deirdre in Chapter 24, referring to Skyrim’s body-hugging women’s steel plate armor, “This is cunning metalwork, and very becoming, no […]

Why I Love – and Hate – Game of Thrones*

Because it’s about the real world, despite the dragons and the magic. Because it’s a meditation on the uses and abuses of power. Because it reminds that there is little hope, and terrible things always about to happen. Because, like the real world, we’re never sure who the good guys are (no, not even the […]

Wisdom from Ryan Brooks

I thought publishing a book would change my life. And it did, in some ways. It opened a few doors for me. But it’s as Ryan Brooks says: there is always only the work you have in front of you, today, in this moment. Or as Ryan puts it: And I say this next part […]

Bleak Language

I was watching the Amgen Tour of California on TV the other day as the bike racers descended the Palms to Pines Highway into Palm Desert, passing through one of my favorite landscapes. After a year and a half here in inexorably green Michigan, it was refreshing to see the desert again, if only on […]

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