What’s Next for Deirdre

So there it is, 62 chapters, 350,000 words, or roughly 750 printed pages. (If you haven’t begun The Song of Deirdre yet, you can start here.) When I began this project two years ago, I had several questions (spoiler warning!): Could I get fictional characters moving about and speaking in a convincing manner? Could I make the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 62

Epilogue It was a bright afternoon when we arrived in Dragon Bridge. The morning’s journey to my home town had been a pleasant one, the sun shining down through the pines, bright red snow flowers popping their heads up through the receding banks of white, the songs of warblers and thrushes newly returned from the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 61

The Temple of the Gods It was madness – two armies clashing in a narrow passage. Tullius could have held out long against the Stormcloaks behind the castle’s stout defenses. But he had driven his remaining soldiers into a frenzy of fear, convincing them it was better to go out in a final, futile assault […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 60

Castle Dour Four hundred elves in Labyrinthian, and no one wanted them. Two weeks had passed since the liberation of Whiterun. Messages had gone back and forth between Ulfric, Elenwen, and Tullius, with nothing but threats on either side. Meanwhile, the captured Altmer subsisted on short rations. Even then, the Stormcloaks couldn’t keep feeding them […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 57

  Mistveil Keep   “You!” came a harsh voice from behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, spinning me around. I turned to see Proventus Avenicci, a knapsack slung over his back and an expression of rage on his face. Lydia and I had been walking through Riften’s market plaza, crowded this morning […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 56

  The Gates of Riften   Moaning. Screaming. Whimpering. Appeals to Kynareth and Mara, Ruptga and Malacath. Smoldering trees and singed leather and bodies burned beyond recognition. The foul stench of voided bowels and warm blood and spilled entrails, mixed with the sweet aroma of cooking meat. For the awful truth is that the smell […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 55

  The Rift Pass   “We’ve had no word of Imperials approaching,” growled Unmid Snow-Shod, housecarl to Jarl Laila Law-Giver. “Why are you running through the streets and raising the alarm?” He was a fierce-looking Nord with a tall sheaf of red hair running over the top of his skull and a spiral tattoo on […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 54

  The Temple of Mara   “Falmer Ear!” exclaimed Elgrim, the old alchemist. “Falmer Ear?” “Yes, you heard me right, if only I had it in my shop. I don’t suppose you’d like to go exploring into any Dwemer ruins, would you?” “I’ve quite had my fill of the Dwarven constructs, thank you,” I said, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 53

  The White River Bridge   I turned away from my friends without a word. What was there to say? They would only stop me from carrying out the plan that was already forming in my mind. I would call Odahviing, and the red dragon would take me to Whiterun. Together we would rain down […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 52

  Fort Amol   A blizzard raged as I stepped out onto High Hrothgar’s front porch. It had been snowing since my return from Sovngarde the day before. It promised to be a rough trip down to Ivarstead, but this didn’t much concern me. I was on my way to Lydia, and that’s all that […]

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