What’s Next for Deirdre

So there it is, 62 chapters, 350,000 words, or roughly 750 printed pages. (If you haven’t begun The Song of Deirdre yet, you can start here.) When I began this project two years ago, I had several questions (spoiler warning!): Could I get fictional characters moving about and speaking in a convincing manner? Could I make the […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 49

  The Great Porch   That same afternoon, Lydia and I stood on the Great Porch of Dragonsreach with Balgruuf and Irileth. “Are you sure you know how to trap a dragon?” Balgruuf asked again. I wanted to tell him that I hadn’t been sure of anything I had done since that day at Helgen, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 48

  Peace Council   “Ha!” Jarl Balgruuf laughed. “You must be as mad as King Olaf!” “You believe One-Eye was mad?” It was a strange statement for the jarl to make, considering his throne sat under the skull of Numinex, the dragon Olaf had defeated and imprisoned in Dragonsreach. The palace’s Great Porch had been […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 47

  Tiid-Ahraan   I whooped with elation as we stepped onto the familiar path above the Seven Thousand Steps, with High Hrothgar not far away. The sun was just setting far to the west, turning the rocks and snow about us a deep red. I turned to look back at what we had just climbed. […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 46

  Blackreach   The Falmer ambush was a close thing. But for a lucky hit on our part or a poorly aimed arrow on the Falmer’s, there might have been none to remember our expedition, and none to save the world from Alduin. But as it was, I rushed into the room at the foot […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 45

  Alftand   Alftand was a wonder, an amazement, a miracle. Impossibly vast, filled with a beauty and craftsmanship we in this Fourth Era can only dream about, still alive with the mechanical creatures the Dwarves left behind. And everywhere, the clanking, spinning, and hissing of their machines, whose purposes remain a mystery. The Dwemer, […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 44

  The Mind of Septimus Signus   I was in the Arcanaeum the next morning before anyone else was awake. There was no sign of Urag. I whiled away the time waiting for him by reading The Ransom of Zarek, a breathless tale of a kidnapping and daring escape, told in an archaic and stilted […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 43

  The Arcanaeum   The bridge between Winterhold and the college was nearly impassable, the snows had drifted so deeply over it. Clearly, no one had attended to the regular duty of clearing it with flame spells. I wondered what else had been allowed to lapse at the college in my absence. It didn’t seem […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 42

  Paarthurnax’s Retreat   The snow settled, revealing a dragon nearly as large as Alduin, just steps away from us. It was the color of milk mixed with dark honey, and it bore the scars of many battles. One of its forked horns had broken off at the base. It had once sported two tusk-like horns […]

The Song of Deirdre – Chap. 41

  Aetherius   The doors of High Hrothgar swung back, and Master Arngeir stood there, squinting into a swirl of snow that swept in behind us. He hardly recognized us, swathed as we were in bearskin cloaks and leggings made from snow-hare pelts. We had bought them in Ivarstead with the last of Delphine’s gold […]

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