Mid-Mitten Cycling

Mid-Mitten Cycling Map

Introducing the new Mid-Mitten Cycling Map on GoogleMaps. Now you can quickly check if there’s a route close to you. Click on a bicycle icon to get the name of the route, a short description, and a link to my post describing it.

Right now there are fourteen routes: nine hilly rides, three scenic, and two kid-friendly. (GoogleMaps only allows two colors for icons, so a blue bicycle denotes a hilly ride, while yellow represents both the scenic and the family rides.)

Feel free to share the map with your Michigan cycling friends, and don’t forget to sign up to receive¬†future bike routes via email by filling out the form below. Live in a part of “mid-Michigan” I’ve neglected? You can suggest¬†your favorite rides in the comment section. I’m especially looking for scenic rides on quiet roads or bike paths and shorter rides on bike paths good for kids.

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