The Khajiit Murders

This is a murder mystery set in Skyrim, a newly independent realm on the continent of Tamriel, in the fictional game universe of the Elder Scrolls. It features many characters from my long fanfiction, The Song of Deirdrebut this time the story is all original. Deirdre has been High Queen of Skyrim for just a few months when a Breton family is brutally murdered in High Rock. It looks like the culprit is a Khajiit. The xenophobic Nords turn instantly on the outlanders, including Deirdre’s friend J’zargo. Can she get to the bottom of the murders before all the Khajiits are expelled from Skyrim, or worse? And can she keep the rebellious jarls in line while preparing her realm to face continued threats from the Empire and the High Elves of Summerset? I’ll be posting one chapter every day or so. You can begin reading it here.


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